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Meet Christie the person !


   Like many of you, my life seemed like I made it. A husband of 28 years, a couple of great kids, and a career where I was well respected. Yet when you peeled back just a layer or two, it was a totally different picture.  My career had reached a plateau where I could perform the tasks practically blindfolded, but there was no joy in it.  The intimacy was non-existent in my marriage and we could barely communicate without it turning into an argument.    I’d devoted my life to my children, but now they were moving on with their own lives.   Whatever we get used to is our normal. Frankly my normal wasn’t good, I didn’t even realize I was unhappy……..

   That was then, and this is now.  
Just four years after my life seemed to implode, I am married to my true soul mate, my job is now following my passion, my children are flourishing, and my life is filled with joy and purpose.

   My books, my blog, my speaking engagements are the story of how I created the life that I had always desired, even though I was already in my 50’s. It didn’t happen by chance, magic or prayer. It wasn’t an accident and it wasn’t just my turn.  
 It happened because I created it with intention, and I believe I have insights that can help anyone do the same.

   I guess you could say I have been a student my whole life, always looking for the answers to life. …… wanting to understand how the universe worked. I didn’t create many of these ideas, but I believe I have put them together in a practical way that others can follow to make the life they most desire, just as I have.

   I am a published author with a continuing series of books being developed  .I have developed a series of online courses, some of those are available now.  I do individual life coaching, focused on assisting my clients to find their own solutions rather than providing general answers, believing that each soul must follow their own path.

   I love to stay in touch via social media, my Blog and through the Newsletters I deliver.

   My intention with all that I do is to inspire others to live more fully. I want people to realize they have all the knowledge and tools needed to create the life they desire. I’m here to assist, which means sometimes pointing out the obvious, or encouraging, or reminding us of why we came here.

Much Love & Light,


This company was born from the desire to truly help people, not by just giving them the answers but by also assisting them in finding their own solutions, ones that work for them.
Succeed At Life  wants to be a source of improving the state of the world, one person at a time. We want you to live the best possible life because by doing that you can help our goal of increasing the love and awareness in the world and raise the overall vibration of the planet. When we are happy and fulfilled ourselves, we are able to lift others up and then we can create a world we are proud to leave to our children.

Succeed At Life is a venture that encompasses the works of Christie Bakeman to include books, on-line courses, her blog and weekly newsletter as well as her Life Coaching programs, speaking engagements and the developement of her future Foundation.
​Please join us in our goals, explore and have fun!


Christies book signings, webinars, public speaking engagements and other events will be posted on this page as they are scheduled.
     Dog Eared Pages 16428 N. 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85032
     April 30th   1-4pm
     Meet many local Authors including Christie!

Live on The Bart Hawley Show !
     The LIVE show will air on Jackson TV
     May 10th, 2016  @ 1 :50  PM
     For replay info contact Christie after the date. Tune in and enjoy !!

Book Signing:
     A Frame Above 180 W. Michigan Ave Jackson, MI 49201
     May 11th   Book Signing TBD for time

Lecture / Seminar and Book Presentation - It's Your Life....Own It!
     Jackson District Library,  244 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson, MI.
     May 11th, 2016 @ 6:00 PM
     Come and meet / reunite with Christie and hear about the creation of her new book

Book Signing:
     The Book Cottage, 2108 Horton Rd., Jackson, Michigan
     May 12th, 2016 @ 1:00 PM
     Come and talk personally with Christie and get your book enscribed !

Christie will be attending an "Authors Workshop"  in Chicago, IL.  in conjunction with Hay House on May 14th and 15th. She will then be traveling to Michigan and Ohio, as well as New York, promoting her new book,  It's Your Life....Own It!

​Christie is currently scheduling events in Phoenix, AZ. and the surrounding areas. Dates, times and locations will be posted as they are set.
If you want to meet up with Christie at any of the scheduled evnts, need more info, or even have a suggestion for an event, then contact Christie at  christiebakeman@succeedat.life
We thank you for your interest and involvement as that is what makes these events possible.