Life Coaching


With Christie Bakeman

There are a variety of reasons a person considers working with a life coach.  Needing motivation, help developing skills, dealing with a life altering situation and a desire to change results are but a few. 
Often times the people in our lives already have preconceived ideas about what we are capable of, thus their encouragement lacks the components we need to move in the direction of our dreams.

   I believe each individual has the ability to accomplish whatever they desire.  Sometimes  it takes someone objective to assist with identifying the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are preventing progress.  Other times it takes being held accountable, coupled with motivation, to drive us towards our goals.

If you want to investigate whether working with a life coach is right for you, then click the button below!  There is no obligation to begin the process.
You can make a final decision after receiving your individualized asessment and proposal.